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[TeachFester] Rollybot Is An Amazing New Robot

One look at this Korean companies Indiegogo campaign video and you may think that Rollybot should be called Rollycam. The round, ball like robot is reminiscent of a Sphero ball with a camera on it, but when you peel back the shell there’s so much more.

Rollybot is a feature packed smartphone controlled rolling robot that just happens to have a camera attached to it That camera make it a great nannycam, petcam and even interactive pet toy. But there’s so much more.

The Rollybot robot is able to come to the person that’s controlling it with their smartphone.

The Rollybot’s camera is on the actual rolling mechanism so even from the ground it can give the user a complete view of it’s surroundings. It can be controlled by someone on the same wifi network as the Rollybot or remotely over the internet. In the demo video the Rollybot is controlled by a father at work who wants to check in on his baby and his dog.

It also includes a feature that allows the person controlling the Rollybot to leave a short audio message that’s played through the Rollybot. Imagine remotely driving the Rollybot through the kitchen and realizing your dog is out of water. You could easily use that message feature to let someone in your home know to fill up the dog’s water dish.

The Rollybot is also expandable and the company plans to open source the Rollybot’s expansion capabilities so developers can create new accessories and attachments that can be attached to the Rollybot and controlled by the Rollybot offering users an amazing tool for teaching robotics.

There are several robotics projects on both Indiegogo and Kickstarter, but Rollybot definitely joins the ranks of projects like TipToe which have well put together functionality and design and the ability for the user to expand and control.

Find out more about Rollybot here.

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